Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Oh the things I have to show you:

Pattern:Notre Dame Pullover-Summer 07 IK
Material: Berroco Ultra Alpaca 50% alpaca, 50% wool ( I detest 100% alpaca becuase it sheds way to much, this blend is as nice as 100 % alpaca without the shed and with extra warmth)
Amount: hmm 5 balls? I knit this awhile ago
Needles: hmm maybe US 8
Modifications: Not too many. I added the 2 inch knit 1 purl 1 ribbed band on the body and the sleeves because I love ribbing. I did a yarn subsitution and really thats about it. Veronik Avery writes and designs the most beautiful patterns

Back View

Close UPPP

Pretty hand painted button from my LYS in Tarrytown, NY

Overall this is a great sweater and because I am no model and my friend is no photographer the sweater looks ways better in person. Surprisingly this sweater was a quick 3 1/2 week knit.

Flickr is totally pissing me off! I just can't seem to post more than one photo a blog entry. I will do more intensive research this weekend.

So tomorrow my whole office is going fishing! As a strictly veggie with a very surburban family I have never been fishing and weird enough I'm pretty excited. Personally I don't eat meat because of people fishing, I don't eat meat because of mass fishing, factory farms and the idea of mass breeding for money. So me and the other 19 engineers I work with will venture out on the high seas with bottled beer and sandwichs (veggies and cheese only please!) to catch some striped bass. Maybe I should reread The Old Man and the Sea before tomorrow :)


Joan [] said...

It's gorgeous! And is the button from Flying Fingers? I live in Westchester. ;)

A Stitch In Thyme said...

Why yes it is and I believe you are the first to comment on my blog!

The yarn and the button are from flying fingers. I like the store, I don't like the LYS in scarsdale, do you know of anyother ones?

Cat Morley said...

That looks great, the perfect colour for autumn.

Joan [] said...

I dislike the LYS in Scarsdale, too, and that's where I live! I work at Woolworks in Pelham, so I might be biased but I loove it. Katonah Yarn Co is also lovely.